Upcoming Events

To support businesses and individuals I regularly coordinate speaking events and exhibitions for public audiences. Offering an additional services as an events coordinator.

Events range from seminars, entertainment, exhibitions or social gatherings. If you need an event coordinated for you and your business it is possible to build that into your personalised package at a charge. This is a powerful way to connect with your audience face to face and share your knowledge.

Friends and associates are invited to attend any of these functions to mingle, network and discover some of the wonderful businesses we have in our town.


Healthy, wealthy and wise: A series of presentations on ways to change old habits and accomplish your aspirations.
One event a month for five months. Starts  Feb till May 2017. Tickets $11.44 online at Eventbrite and $15 at the door.

  • Part 1: Body Mind Connection – COMPLETED
    Kerry Howard (Ms Pink):
    psychologist, executive coach and definitive diva.
    Ben Maron: experienced teacher and a Spiral Practitioner
    Sunny Forsyth: Qi Gong teacher, trained by world masters.
    Today, we accept that there is a powerful mind-body connection through which emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and behavioral factors can directly affect our health and wellbeing.
  • Part 2: Align with the Divine – Tickets are $11.44, Buy tickets here or $15 at the door
    Jenny Trimble;
    : gifted Spiritual Healer and Empath
    Jolly Jacob: Photographer and self-love advocate
    Smita Patel : OneTaste coach, Psychosomatic Therapy practitioner and allied health practitioner
    Happiness, self love, passion and desire are available to everyone. Learn about the possibilities to creating true happiness, joy and even the hottest relationship in your life by aligning with the divine.
  • Part 3: Finding your soul’s purpose – Tickets are $11.44, Buy tickets here or $15 at the door
    Robyn Collins:
    BAppSoc.Sc., Counselling, BMSc.Ministry, Spiritual teacher
    Darren Maxwell:
    BAppSocSc. Coaching – The Modern Urban Psychic Shaman
    The modern art and science of soul psychology is a bridge between ancient, evidence base researched eastern philosophy, shamanic techniques and modern positive psychology. Today’s westernized community can be supported with spiritual guidance with Soul Centred Therapies.
  • Part 4: Loving your family and keeping your sanity – Tickets $11.44 from Eventbrite or $15 at the door
    Dean McCormack:
    Lifestyle Coach
    Priyanka Prakash: Vihangam Yoga meditation instructor
    Sue Storey: Founder of Permanent Life Changes
    For every holiday, wedding, funeral, or birth of a child, families gather for times of celebration or remembrance. But often these gatherings create more stress and conflict than joy and connection. Get insight into to manage your stress with some of the most difficult relationships in life… family.
  • Part 5: Make money doing what you love – Tickets $11.44 from Eventbrite or $15 at the door
    Kim Meyers
    : CEO Little 2 Big Biz
    Attila Ovari: CEO Embrace Practice
    Madonna Barr: CEO and Energetic Life Consultant
    Business is not the antithesis of creativity but an opportunity to express your vision? Your business should give you money, resources and time, but does it? In a digital world we can now build new businesses in ways that were not possible 10 or 20 years ago. Come along and learn what’s possible for you!

Inspired (Art exhibition): Inspiration is all around us but often we miss it because our lives are too busy. This artwork will reveal moments in life that we often pass by and ignore but are the channel to bigger consciousness if we allow it. Starts July 2017

Monthly Mixers: Monthly mixers to meet new people, socialise and make new connections. It’s relaxed and I make sure I’m your one friend who’ll introduce you to all the others in the group. Nice way to have a drink and get to know one another.
Keep an eye on Networks for further details.

Book Launch: September – Details to be advised (TBA)

Creativity Workshop: November (TBA)

Contact me today to see if we can make those impossible things possible.