Networks are crucial to success, they generate new ideas, create support and bring resources, you can have more influence, and provide access to what you may need and it gives you impact. Networks are important relationships which  help you get ahead in your career and develop you professionally. There are 3 types of networks:

  1. Operational networks – people we deal with to get work done on a daily basis
  2. Personal networks – Friends, family, previous colleagues, people you like to hang out with informally.
  3. Strategic Networks – is a blend of external and internal networks – helps you understand what going on in your professional world. This is where you get connected.

If you have very little time to spare I recommend you focus and invest in only a few. When you attend look for what value you bring to the network and offer it to the group. It’s not what your network can do for you but what you can do for the networks.  This gets you connected and seen.

I run several networks with nearly 3,000 people across all of them so it’s a good opportunity to mix and enrich your life. You never know what may come of it.

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