Your own values create the personality of your business

Understanding yourself is the first step to developing an effective business plan. As a result, all successful business strategies start with true personal evaluations. Many of the most popular personal evaluations are readily available online. For example, the quiz “What Are Your Strengths?” helps you to identify what you are good at, and which skills Read More


All Successful Business Strategies Start With True Personal Evaluations

The key to developing a winning business strategy is knowing what makes you excited to get out of bed each day. Many successful businesses actually start as “passion projects” that eventually blossom into wonderfully thriving businesses. So what are you really passionate about? The easiest way to find out is via a personal evaluation. There Read More


The Important Aspects of Marketing Certain Personal Traits

Understanding yourself is the first step to developing a good business plan. Once you understand your strengths, talents and motivations you will have a much more effective way to market your business to potential clients and customers. The first step to creating a marketing plan around certain personal traits is a process of self-discovery. You Read More


It’s Proven That Business Growth Coincides With Personal Growth

The most accomplished business leaders are rarely satisfied with their current level of success. They are continually pushing to do more and achieve more. And, often, that relentless push forward in business is accompanied by a relentless push forward in personal growth. When you read the biographies of famous business leaders, you really begin to Read More