Base Your Business Idea on a Passion or Something you Love

In many ways, the traditional business media does entrepreneurs a huge disservice. It constantly implores future entrepreneurs to embrace “what’s hot” or “what’s trending.” How many times have you read an article along the lines of, “Top 10 businesses to start in 2018”? The subtext of these articles is clear: if you pick the “right” business, you will be successful.

But is that really the case? You could just as easily make the argument that you should simply throw out all those trends, studies, surveys and reports and, instead, base your business idea on a passion or something that you love. If you enjoy gardening all day, then start a business that will focus on gardening. If you enjoy cooking delicious meals, then start a catering business or a restaurant. If you enjoy working out and staying in great shape, then think about opening up a fitness studio or gym.

There’s one good reason why these “passion projects” turn out to be so successful – even when you are working, you are not really “working.” If you enjoy something enough, then it will never really seem like a job. It will be something to which you will be able to dedicate your entire heart and soul. And customers will notice – they will see how you always go the extra step to make them happy, as well as how you seem to keep coming up with creative ideas.

So the next time you’re thinking of starting a new business, follow your heart and not your head. If you aren’t fully committed to a new business, it will never achieve phenomenal success. Instead, look for a business idea that’s related to a hobby, passion or side project.

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