Marketing To a Wide Audience Requires a Clear Mission

The key factor behind any successful marketing strategy is being able to develop a powerful message that resonates with potential customers. For that reason, most companies spend an extraordinary amount of time and effort trying to understand the interests and preferences of their customers. What do they like? What do they want? By answering these questions, companies are able to tailor a message that appeals to their core demographic.

But what happens when you move beyond your core demographic and need to market to a wider audience? It’s here that you need to think about your company’s mission statement, since this will help you develop a message for a wider audience. Having a clear mission will help to crystallize your thinking.

For example, say that you are starting up a new restaurant. There are many ways to build your marketing strategy around your mission statement. If you are a farm-to-table restaurant, you could focus on the value of organic, locally sourced foods in your marketing. If your mission is to deliver affordable, nutritious food for people on the go, then that might make for a good marketing approach. And, if your goal is to introduce a new type of cuisine to your local community, then that can become a strong marketing hook.

So the next time you are thinking about rolling out a new marketing strategy, start with your mission statement. Use that as the starting point for developing marketing messages that really resonate with potential customers. They will see that you are authentic and passionate about what you do, and will become your biggest fans.

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