Lulls in Business Performance Indicate the Need for Coaching

We all have moments in our careers when business performance may be experiencing a lull. For a startup entrepreneur, that might be the point when a new venture has stopped growing as quickly as expected. For an experienced corporate manager, it might be the point that job promotions seem harder and harder to get. The good news is that there is a proven way to power past these lulls, and it all starts with business coaching.

One approach that really works is being able to take a critical, unbiased look at systems and processes that may be letting you down. In short, you might have set up a very effective system for one stage in your life, but certain elements may need to be tweaked or improved to get you to the next stage.  That’s where a business coach can share some best practices with you, and help you fix what’s not working.

Additionally, it might be the case that a lull in business performance is due to a need to boost your leadership skills or other “soft” skills. If you are working at a technology startup, for example, you might have all the required technical skills and experience for the job. But you might need more help in learning how to manage teams and get people on your team to perform at their highest level.

As much as we would like it to be the case, it’s rare that any person’s career trajectory follows a straight line upward. There are peaks and valleys. There are up cycles and down cycles. That’s only natural. If you’re in one of those valleys or down cycles, it should be a clear signal that you could benefit from some coaching.

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