Your small business reflects you

There is a fundamental insight every small business owner should keep in mind: your small business is a reflection of you. That’s right, your business is a reflection of your values, your view of the world and what you hold important. That’s why it’s important to make your personal traits part of your overall marketing strategy: it helps to build a strong bond with the customer.

The goal of your marketing should be to create a brand with a strong personality that resonates with customers. As a small business owner, you’re used to sharing your vision of the world with others, and you’ve probably told your brief “elevator pitch” about what your company does to hundreds of people. This can guide you in thinking about your personal traits.

The choice of which personal traits should be part of your marketing strategy is entirely up to you. Some brands like to position themselves as scrappy, aggressive upstarts. Others like to emphasize their ability to make a difference in the local community.

If you’re not sure of which personal traits to emphasize in your marketing, the good news is that there are plenty of online tools and questionnaires to guide you. For example, you might take a quiz like “The 16 Different Personality Types” to determine which traits are most relevant for you.

It might take a little fine-tuning to get everything right, but it’s easier than you think to make your personality shine through in your marketing. Even if the business doesn’t include your name, customers will immediately recognize your business as being distinctly you.

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