It’s Proven That Business Growth Coincides With Personal Growth

The most accomplished business leaders are rarely satisfied with their current level of success. They are continually pushing to do more and achieve more. And, often, that relentless push forward in business is accompanied by a relentless push forward in personal growth.

When you read the biographies of famous business leaders, you really begin to appreciate the value of this personal growth. Each business leader usually has some unique story of how they embraced this personal growth. For someone like Apple visionary Steve Jobs, for example, it involved an embrace of Zen Buddhism and meditation. He found that this meditation gave him a sense of mindfulness, reduced stress and gave him more clarity about what to do next.

In addition to this sense of clarity of how to proceed next, personal growth can give you the mental fortitude to accept all the setbacks, shortcomings and adverse results that naturally occur in business. For sales people, it means not being worn down by people saying “No.” For managers, it means dealing with the ups and downs of the business cycle. And, for CEOs, it means dealing with strategic setbacks.

Thus, personal growth is not something that magically happens after you’ve achieved some measure of business growth. Instead, it is the critical factor and catalyst that makes that success possible in the first place. And that’s where personal coaches can play a vital role: they can determine why you’re not getting the results you want and help you determine the right action path forward.

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