Learn How Marketing Campaigns Soar With Personal Improvement Help

There are two types of marketing campaigns – those that appeal to the head and those that appeal to the heart. And, as most people know intuitively, the ones that resonate with the heart are those that are most successful. It’s exactly those types of marketing campaigns – the kinds that attract passionate fans and consumers – that a business coach can help you create. In short, your marketing campaign can soar with personal improvement help.

Think about a recent advertisement you might have seen for a car. It might have emphasized factors like how fuel efficient it is, how many people it could fit, or why it’s so practical for accomplishing many of life’s little tasks. Now contrast that advertisement to one that appeals to the heart – a picture of an attractive couple speeding down the open highway, the wind blowing in their hair and the sun shining. That’s an advertisement that makes you feel something inside.

Consider the way that Apple advertises its products. It’s always about the design of the product, and the sleek exterior of a product that creates “lust” in the hearts of those who don’t have it. And Apple never focuses purely on the technical specifications of its products – they always show what you can do with their products. Yes, an Apple iPhone has a powerful camera, but it’s what that camera can do that’s so impressive: it can help you create a cinematic-style movie of your loved ones that you’ll treasure forever, like in this “Romeo and Juliet” ad Apple created for the iPhone 7:

So why are advertisements that appeal to the heart always so much more effective than those that appeal to the head? It has to do with the way we are hard-wired as humans. We naturally tell stories, and we like to tell those stories to others. And the stories that are passed down from generation to generation are the ones that are filled with imagination and creativity.

The business world, too, is filled with these types of stories. One classic story that businesses tell is the “founder’s story” – a little story of how the company was founded against impossible odds and with a unique mission or purpose. Almost all of us has a favorite “founder’s story” that we know by heart – the story of the tech behemoth that started off as a garage startup, or maybe the story of the coffee giant with a funny name that started off as a tiny coffee shop at Pike Place Market in Seattle.

A business coach can help you to come up with those kinds of stories for your marketing campaign. If you’re working for a midsize or large corporation, it means finding the unique aspects that can personalize your company for an everyday consumer. And, for a startup, it means finding a story that goes beyond just describing your product as “the cheapest” or “the fastest.”

In short, what makes you special?

The key to creating a story is being able to understand the difference between imagination and knowledge. Imagination is limitless, but knowledge is finite. Stories based on knowledge are told and forgotten. But stories based on imagination are told and repeated, and then shared with others. It’s those types of stories that can turn your average marketing campaign into one that inspires others to use your products. And it’s exactly those types of stories that a business coach can help you to develop.

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