Why Every Startup Manager Needs Outside Guidance About Professional Concerns

Starting a new company is exciting: everything is new, the future potential seems limitless and a path to success seems obvious. But then reality hits: making a new company successful requires more than just a good idea, it also requires a knowledge of just about every part of what makes a business run – including some areas where you may have absolutely no experience.

That’s where business and personal coaching can play such an important role – it can be the key to helping you keep your big picture vision while also managing all the other aspects of a business that are keeping you up late at night.

Take, for example, a new startup technology business. Typically, the startup founder and members of the team will have a solid knowledge of engineering, product development and how to create an amazing user interface. But they may not know how to take that product to market, and they may not know how to create the right branding that will resonate in the minds of future consumers.

The solution seems simple enough: just ask for help. But that seems hard – if not impossible – when you’re managing a new startup. For one, the pace is so fast and so relentless that you don’t have time to slow down and think about what’s missing from your business or personal life. Moreover, it’s hard to admit that you might need help. Startup founders are almost always talented visionaries and self-motivated, and it can be hard to ask for help until it’s too late.

But asking a business coach for help can keep you focused on the big picture. At a time when you may be working long nights and spending too much time on all the minor details and decisions that need to be handled on a daily basis, a business coach is someone who can help you manage your professional concerns.

One advantage that a business coach has is the experience of seeing how other startup founders and managers have struggled with the same issues and finally resolved them. You can think of a business coach as a personal consultant and mentor who can carefully guide you and help you make the right decisions so that you stay true to your big picture for the startup.

In fact, one popular framework for coaching is called BIG and it has to do with seeing the BIG picture. BIG stands for Branding, Imagination and Genuine. It describes an approach for creating a winning brand, coming up with imaginative and innovative approaches, and making a product that consumers are going to love because it’s real and genuine.

When it comes to Branding (the B in BIG), the most beloved brands are typically those that reflect the passions and interests of the founder. That’s where coaching for business or personal can really have a big payoff. A coach will understand what makes you tick, and what makes you unique as an individual. This coach may not understand all the technology of the product or company, but he or she can give you an honest evaluation if this product really represents who you are and what you are trying to achieve in life. If you think BIG, there’s a good chance that you’re on your way to a Genuine product that’s going to be successful.

Remember – every startup inevitably goes through “up” periods and “down” periods, sometimes in the space of just 24 hours. That’s why every startup manager needs outside guidance. A business coach can help you address your professional concerns and keep you focused on making your startup as BIG as you dare to dream.

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